The advent of online shopping has made buying almost anything – including funeral caskets – fast, affordable, and convenient. All you need is a computer or mobile device, and internet connection. Buying caskets online offers numerous benefits. These include:

  • Lower price compared to a funeral home
  • Flexibility of shopping anytime, anywhere
  • Easily compare burial caskets from different casket manufacturers

If you buy a casket online through our site, you can easily find the specific casket you are looking for. The products are listed according to price, color, size, and construction. Bio caskets and wholesale caskets are also available.

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By price

If you have a specific budget in mind, you can choose from a wide variety of models listed by price.

Prices of popular caskets vary – from $500 up – depending on the material (wood or metal). Even cheaper are cardboard caskets that cost as low as $200 apiece.

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By colour

Choosing the colour of the casket can be a very personal matter. If you are very specific about the burial casket color, choose from the products listed by colour.

Available colors are black, bronze, pink, blue, silver, white, and cream. Color combinations are also available.

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By Size

Whether you are looking to buy a standard adult sized casket or an oversized one, you can select from the models available per size.

In general, an oversized casket is larger than its standard-sized counterpart in terms of length, width, height, or a combination of dimensions.

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By Construction

Metal and wood are the most popular casket materials today.

If you have a preferred material in mind, choose a casket from the list sorted by construction.

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If you are going for a natural or non-traditional burial, you may want to choose from the available biodegradable caskets for sale.

These caskets are quite affordable, and more importantly, produce very minimal environmental impact.

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