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For the metal caskets materials vary from steel, copper or bronze. For steel, there are two types of material that can be used. One is standard steel, which is the least expensive metal coffin available.

Standard steel material is available in 20-gauge, 18-gauge, and 16-gauge. Gauge refers to the thickness of the material; the lower it is, the thicker the material.

Stainless steel, compared to standard steel, is a little expensive but more durable. It is available in the same gauges as the standard.

But, copper and bronze metal caskets have properties that are rust-resistant. Yet, it will still oxidize and break down in the same way as rusting. These kinds of coffins are more expensive, but durable. Both are high-quality materials. They are also measured by weight instead of the gauge.

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Metal caskets are resilient and long-lasting. They are considered far more durable than those made of wood.

They are also more “protective”, especially when they have rubber gaskets. Rubber gaskets effectively seal the casket so that outside elements can’t enter. They, however, don’t slow down or affect the decomposition process of the remains.

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Metal caskets that do not require the use of gaskets are typically less expensive than those which do.

Copper and bronze are popular metals used for caskets. They are sturdy and hard-wearing. They don’t rust. They will oxidize over time, but are generally considered more durable and long-lasting than other metals. They are also more expensive.

Carbon steel and stainless steel are cheaper options that can easily be purchased online.