Urns for ashes for adults

Responsible working adult men and women are expected to fix their life insurance plans, and make sure that their retirement funds are set – even before they reach their 60s. But, another thing people need to be preparing for as early as now is their future funeral plans. If you have already done so, and you chose “cremation,” you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to talk about how to choose the best urns for your (or a loved one’s) ashes and buy with ease.

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Different materials to choose

Adult urns for ashes are usually made from materials like brass, wood, ceramic, and glass. They also come in various sizes — some are tall, while others are short and wide.

The choices may be overwhelming because of the sheer number, but you have to sit down and first decide on the size you want. Take note that cremated remains are around 3 to 7 pounds, so choose one that won’t overflow easily.

Urns for ashes for adults
Urns for ashes for adults are always a good idea

You should also determine where you or your loved one’s ashes will be placed after cremation. Will you put the urn in a columbarium or on your altar at home? Once you’ve decided, measure the space and choose an urn that will fit.

For the material, it’s up to you. Just remember a few things:

  1. Wooden and glass urns aren’t durable, but the latter is perfect for columbarium burials
  2. Brass urns are recommended if you plan on keeping the ashes at home.

How to choose the best urn’s design?

The urn’s design is also an important factor.

Choose a neutral color and minimalist surface — no pink frills, whatsoever. Make your urn age-appropriate. Remember that this is where you or your loved one’s ashes will be placed forever.

Lastly, as an adult, remember to jot these wishes down and prepare your budget for the future. That way, your family will know your options and will have money to spend once you pass.